Thursday, July 23, 2015

Office Supply Teaching Resources

One of my favorite places to find materials (and repurpose them) is the office supply store or office supply area of a discount store. I love visiting those places, especially at this time of year (when they put out all those school supplies!).

Here are some ideas for using office supplies in your classroom--

Use binder clips to make game pieces for a gameboard. Clip something in the binder clip. Use postcards or small pictures. Use your kids' photographs. Draw pictures or print names on heavy paper and cut out to use in the clips. Or attach different colored stickers to the binder clips (so you can tell them apart).  Check out other ideas for binder clips at Pre-K and K Sharing blog.

Scour the sticker aisle. We use stars, circle and rectangle stickers, and hole reinforcements as part of our sticker collection. My kids love to use lots of stickers. I get more stickers at a better price from the office supply store. And these stickers are simple and can be combined to create other types of designs.

Clipboards are great for portable writing. We use them when we add writing to the blocks center. We use them when we use the tools or the doctor kit. They can be used when playing games with numbered cubes on the floor. Or clip pictures, photos, or artwork to them and hang them on the wall.

Highlighter markers give a different type of drawing experience. When we draw with them, we can still see through them. We draw on maps or forms or pages of words. Sometimes we draw with them on plain paper. But they are a great addition to our writing materials.

Other office supplies we like to use:
What kinds of office supplies do you use for teaching?

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