Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Notepads and Sticky Notes

Last week the kids discovered a notepad and pad of sticky notes in a purse and enjoyed writing and drawing. This week I created a table full of different notepads and pencils.

I did have a few takers, girls who wanted to draw and explore the materials.

But for most of the day, the table sat unused. Of course, we also had a table full of sand and the cars and masking tape out to make roads. So maybe the kids were just otherwise engaged.

As we were cleaning up to get ready for our group learning time, some of the boys went to the table and saw what was there (for the first time, I think). They asked if they could take home some of the notepads for later. I told them I would put the notepads, sticky notes, and pencils out again next time. We'll see if they use them then.

Was my experiment a failure? I think it was mostly unnoticed or at least didn't engage like other things in the room did. We'll try again. And, even if they don't use them a lot, I still have some fun notepads to use in the future.  Nothing is really a failure - it's just a learning experience.


  1. Why didn't you let them take a few sticky pages home to see what they would do with them? It may have kept their engagement open for the next day.

  2. A great idea. They have taken pages home before. This time they were asking to take the entire notepads.