Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stapler Adventures

It all began a few weeks ago. We were putting things out for the kids. Cindy decided to staple a few pieces of paper together and create a few blank books. The kids enjoyed creating with them.

Homemade book

Homemade book

Since we only had a few blank books...and those that used them really enjoyed them, we decided to put out paper strips and the staplers. We stapled a couple of blank books...and put out lots of strips for kids to staple their own. (We had the paper punches out, too, for more experiments.)

homemade book

And some of our books became folded and stapled and folded and stapled.

homemade book

The next week we put out the strips and staplers make wrist bands. Kids really enjoyed doing this...and making a few books, too.

wrist bands

wrist bands

This week I didn't have the staplers out. Put random leftover strips were out in the writing box.

"Can we have the stapler?" a boy asked.

I didn't have our small staplers but I pulled out the stapler that stays in my teaching bag.

stapling wrist band

We're still enjoying our stapler adventures. I like how the kids experiment and repeat using the staplers. I wonder where our staplers will take us next?

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