Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Hit of Literacy

Kids at this age seem to absorb and almost crave times to practice reading and writing. This week I had out the purses, dress-up clothes, and other things to pretend to drive to church (and other places). As the kids explored the materials, they discovered a small notepad and pad of sticky notes in one of the purses (left over from bookstore play a few weeks ago).

One boy asked for a pencil. "There are pencils in the writing box," I reminded him and pointed toward the center. "Can I get one?" he said. Of course I said yes.

He carefully printed his name on the small lines of the notepad. "Mr. Scott," he said. I turned and he held up the pad, beaming, as I read his name. Another boy said, "Here's my name." He printed his underneath.

Soon another pencil found its way to the table. Then someone asked, "Can I take a marker over there?"

At one point, the table was covered only with pieces of paper and sticky notes with marks all over them. (Sorry. I didn't get a photo of it.)

I think next week I am going to put pencils and notepads on a table with nothing else. They seem to want to use them. We always have our writing box/center with a variety of paper, markers, and crayons. But I think the notepads and sticky notes are very attractive. Maybe because the kids see teachers and parents using them. Maybe just because they like writing. I don't know. But I do think I need to make a trip to the dollar store and stock up.

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  1. Scott - I smiled when I read "they discovered a small notepad and pad of sticky notes in one of the purses" ... the discovery of something that seemingly is a treasure or is unusual in an area is such a find! I agree, children love different sized notes, papers, different writing tools - your table of just pencils and notepads next week should be interesting to observe!