Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Expand the Possibilities

A few weeks ago, I blogged about kids using our "make your own roadway game" pieces. Recently we were using them again. Boys came to the table and looked at the pieces. They arranged them into a trail and played the game.

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

I talked briefly with them and then moved to kids at the art table that needed my attention. I noted that the boys completed their game and then were rearranging the pieces to play again.

"Can we put this on the floor?" one asked. I said yes.

So they began to build a new gameboard.

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

They built and built.

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

And they played the game....

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

At some point, the long trek became exciting. I heard at least one of the boys shouting when he rolled the cube and moved his piece. Then he shouted when the other boy moved his piece.

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

Other kids gathered to watch the end of the game. There was practically a cheer when they reached the end.

gameboard (Brick by Brick)

I continue to be reminded and surprised by the power of yes ("Yes, you can put that on the floor instead of on the table where it was intended.") The kids have enjoyed this game. But, somehow in this particular moment, expanding the game through the blocks center created an entirely new experience.

The power of yes encourages kids to explore their ideas and expand the possibilities. And makes one long gameboard.

(I blogged more about this on the EdWords blog. Check it out.)

Monday, November 30, 2015


Lego car (Brick by Brick)

A kid's imagination is wonderful, especially when you see it in action. Use materials that stimulate that imagination.