Thursday, June 10, 2010

Favorite Things: Geoboards

I've taken a lot of photos this year. That's been a good thing. I can look over things we've done and see how the kids have progressed and changed, how they use materials in different ways, and how their thinking has developed.

One of my favorite things to use are geoboards and rubber bands. My geoboards were purchased, but you can make your own with squares of wood and nails. I bought more rubber bands at the office supply store, so we have long and short ones, thin and wide ones.

These materials allow exploration of shapes and relationships of lines and forms. Here are some of the pictures I've taken this year.

The designs have become more complex and more experimental as the year has progressed. My little kids have become so grown up.

I'm getting nostalgic as I think about these kids moving on. I've had such a good time with them. I'll miss them when they leave and a group of "babies" move into my room. 

Enough of thinking about that. I still have a few weeks with them. On to more fun!


  1. Don't you just love seeing how far they have come Scott?

  2. It's great, isn't it, Jenny. I'm so glad I went camera-crazy this year and have so many photos to see how much they've changed.

  3. Those are some pretty impressive designs, Scott. Wow!

    We have the homemade kind -- wood and nails. A couple years ago some of the kids started stretching rubber bands to connect two separate boards together. At some point they reached just the right tension and, SNAP, the two boards closed together like a crocodile's jaws. We were very lucky to not have a hand in the way of that! It almost certainly would have impaled a little hand. We now have a rule about using only one board at a time . . . Except when we do the crocodile jaw experiment on purpose!

  4. Eek Teacher Tom! I love these! I did a unit on shapes with Kindergarten-they were soooo busy and couldnt wait to show off what they had created!

  5. Scott we have a 'nail board' I made several years ago but I would love to make some more because the children LOVE them. I'll just add them to my list of things to do I guess!
    Donna :) :)

  6. We have some great homemade geoboards too... After they master the shape making and they don't find the boards as interesting- it is really cool to introduce marbles to the mix and have the children make mazes! They will learn that the thicker rubber bands work best for building the walls for their mazes and running the marbles through becomes a great experiment!