Friday, October 7, 2011

More Dramatic Play Ideas from the Blogosphere

So far this year, we've already explored some things in dramatic play.





But I feel this group will be asking for more. I explored among the blogs (and even ventured onto the dreaded Pinterest but I haven't signed up for it yet) and found some ideas to try.

The Wonder Years - Cardboard Laptops: I want to make a few of these to sue with our homemade computer, telephones, and other office play.

Strong Start - Pizza Restaurant: All these ideas are great for playing out pizza restaurant. My favorite is the play dough with oregano.

Growing in PreK - Sandwich Shop: I love the foam meat, lettuce, and so forth. This looks like it could develop in lots of different ways.

Frugal Family Fun - Flower Shop: All the flowers make this look like so much fun.

And, of course, I'll bring back fishing, doctor's office, gardening, and other favorites from past years.

What dramatic play props or activities do your kids enjoy?


  1. My kids love community helpers. They love the 9-1-1 phone that plays a recorded message when they hit the right buttons. It says "9-1-1 what's your emergency?" Great for oral language practice.


  2. Thanks for including my sandwich shop! I love the other ideas you featured. Another favorite in my classroom is the vet clinic. I let the kids bring their own stuffed animals to "treat." This is one dramatic play center where the kids do pick up the books and refer to them. I have found lots of inexpensive books about puppies, kittens, etc. in dollar stores.

  3. scott--you will love pinterest : ) i dreaded it for a long time but finally caved and am so happy i did. i think you might have inspired a dramatic-play recap for us, too...i'll link you up if I do it! --stephanie