Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sometimes They Know More Than I Think

A couple of weeks ago we were playing eye doctor. I set out a few related doctor kit items, some scrub shirts, a lab jacket, some sunglasses, and an eye chart.

We also had a couple of chairs for waiting and examination.

Our eye chart had the initial letters of all our names, plus a few other letters.

We had fun wearing the sunglasses, using the doctor tools, and pretending to help each other with an eye exam or other medical procedures.

We wore sunglasses on top of our heads as much as on our eyes.

I can see you!
During these types of dramatic play experiences, I always try to supplement with writing tools. Kids can begin to use writing in practical and useful ways - important literacy skills. For doctor-related play experiences, I usually include clipboards and paper as a part of play. The clipboards often get lots of use and this time was no exception.

I overheard a couple of girls playing. One was creating a form for the other to fill out. I was surprised that they had picked up on that aspect of medical care--paperwork. Maybe the clipboards reminded them of clipboards in their doctors' offices. (Mine all use that method of getting paperwork filled out.) After the kids left, I found these forms.

This reminded me again that my kids are always paying attention to the world around them. I never know what aspect of my classroom they are going to absorb, expound, and recreate. I need to make sure my classroom is encouraging learning in every corner. A simple game or activity may be just the thing a child takes home in his head and heart - and uses for more learning later. Who knew that medical forms could be so educational?

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  1. eye doctor! of course! thanks again for the ideas...