Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Bookstore

This week we put the kitchen away and had a bookstore instead. I wondered how the kids would react. They really like to use the dishes and play out family situations.

They enjoyed using the wallets and purses...and the play money. They enjoyed typing on the keyboard.

They used the pencils, sticky notes, and note pads to make more money. And to make their own credit cards. (I didn't mention credit cards at all. It was totally their own idea.)

After a while, the "store" play started. M said, "J, go get a book and pay me." They bought books and Bibles. They haggled prices. They exchanged money. They played out real life.

My favorite moment—
B: "Pretend I have $10,000 in my pocket." (puts some play money in his pocket)
Cindy: "You have $10,000?"
B: "Yes."
Cindy: "I need some money."
B: "It's not for real. It's for fake."

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