Monday, October 10, 2011

Marble and Golf Ball Painting

This week I'm at the LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference. I'm leading a conference on art ideas (Art A to Z). So this week I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite past art posts.

In my office hangs a beautiful canvas painting. This painting was a two-step process. First we painted with marbles. Of course, since the canvas was large, we had to work together.

Our canvas marble painting post tells all the steps we did to begin to create a masterpiece.

The next week, we painted a new layer on top. We used practice golf balls and straws. This activity adjusted from my idea to the kids' idea. They just wouldn't do it "right." Instead of blowing the balls around the canvas (which was hard because of thick paint), they began to bat the balls around the canvas.

Read the post about ball painting to find out what happened at the end.

Another time we painted with marbles in pairs. Using a cylinder container, kids can roll paint and marbles back and forth to create streaked paintings. You can read about marble painting with a friend post to get the details.

I love all the different ways kids can create. And I especially like when they can create together.


  1. Lovely marble painting. Its a great art activites for kids.

  2. Marble painting are always cool. Nice one!!!

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