Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gone Fishing

Last week we enjoyed one of my favorite activities with kids - fishing. (Well, I enjoy the kind the classroom more than the one by the lake - another post some day.)

I put out some "fishing poles" (dowel rods with yarn and magnets), a fishing net (a real one from my favorite discount store), a large net (from the party store), and a tackle box with odds and ends in it (chenille stem worms, plastic snakes and lizards, etc.). I made fish a while back and we just keep reusing those: Cut fish shapes from construction paper (or purchase paper fish shapes) and add a paper clip; I cover the paper clip with masking tape to keep it from slipping off. (This is a really good idea for younger preschoolers since paper clips are a choking hazard.)

And I got to try out using chenille stem fish; I've been wanting to do that since reading Valerie's idea at Frugal Family Fun. I made a few and put out additional chenille stems for the kids to make more fish themselves.

The kids had a really great time.

The small net became the holder for the fish caught.

Counting the catch

Catching a really big one!
(Their play also reminded me of the importance of mixing in "real" items with play items. Their play was enhanced from the real fishing net and tackle box. But that's another post.)

A group of girls "fished" first. They played together for quite a while. I had to encourage them to move on to other things so more kids could fish. Then a group of boys moved in. They had a fun fishing trip, too. One thing we noticed - the girls, while working together and having intricate play - were very quiet about it. The guys' fishing trip was much more boisterous - but their group play was also very involved and continuously changing. All in all, a successful time together.


  1. This is so cool, Scott! I love Valerie's blog and must have missed that post. I'm definitely going to go back and give it a read! I love the addition of "real and found" items. It's a big part of our curriculum requirements. As always, great job! :)

  2. I LOVE fishing Scott ... both indoors and out. Funnily enough I've noticed that boys fishing trip are always much more boisterous than the girls ... both inside and out!!!
    Donna :) :)