Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Can See the Changes

I am amazed that I can already see changes in my kids. Now...they still like to all talk at the same time and they sometimes have little patience for waiting. But I can see that they are growing and changing.

For example, we have progressed in our easel painting skills. Since we paint almost every week, I can see the growth happening.

At first, we had to be reminded to wear the smock. And we painted all over the paper, just testing out the brush and the technique. We used only one color.

Later we began to paint letters in our names. But then we liked to paint over those letters, too.

Now we can get the smock and put it on ourselves.

We can paint our names...and we use two colors. "Here are two red and three purple (letters)."

A few months in and I can already see how much they are learning and doing. Maybe I patiently work as they grow even more in the days ahead. I just know we're going to get better at our group learning time.

1 comment:

  1. Don't they grow and learn so fast Scott? I was just noticing how my students are starting to catch on to little things that make a difference in our classroom too! But We still make all our paintings one big muddy brown mess:)