Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Our Own People Figures

My group this year loves the block center. I could just have the regular blocks and nothing else and they are happy to build and create. (And we do that a lot.) But this year I've been trying to add more things there so the kids can stretch their thinking. (You can see some of the things we've done with blocks and stuff here and here and here and here.)

This week I added some peg clothespins and markers. We worked to make our own people (and a few animals. Check out these fine-motor skills at work and the concentration as we make family members.

Of course, some building went on...and those people found themselves put to work in the "animal pen."

And some of those guys found their way into our barley. (We were scooping and pouring--but that's a different post.)

Adding some art materials to the blocks center can lead to some different play. Kids that may use blocks more than markers can suddenly engage with a new material. And some kids that may not venture much into the blocks center may become involved in a new place in the room. Mixing it up in the room can create more fun and more learning.


  1. You've shown us Scott that not only are 'loose parts' a vital part of outdoor play but they are just as important inside too!

    Donna :) :)

    BTW I was visiting a kindergarten today who had a large stack of thick square and rectangular shaped sponges in their block corner. I didn't get to see them in use but I imagine they add a whole new dimension to the children's constructions. :)

  2. You've got to love loose parts, Donna!

    Sponges! I think I see a trip to the store in my future!

  3. Love the idea, Scott! We were just talking yesterday about how to incorporate people props into the classroom. I love the idea of letting kids make them.