Saturday, February 26, 2011


The chair sat where it usually sat by a table. The blocks were where they usually were near the wall. But somehow, that day, the two were joined in a mission.

The blocks began creeping toward the chair.

Soon it was decided--the structure would stretch all the way to the chair.

One boy voiced the goal...and the others joined in.

After much teamwork, the goal was reached. The blocks touched the chair!

We celebrated by sitting inside the structure, jumping in the structure, lying in the structure. Of course, photos were taken to mark the occasion. (Two pictures had to be taken--to get both ends of the structure.)

Ordinary objects in a classroom...objects that are always there and almost always in the same general place...brought together by the ideas and imaginations of boys and girls...and an extraordinary feat was accomplished.

I so enjoy being with a group of kids. I only hope that my ideas and imagination can harness a fraction of theirs.

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