Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clipboards in the Blocks Center

I love clipboards. We use them for a variety of things. I like to add them to different activities, encouraging the kids to record their ideas or incorporate writing into their play.

A couple of weeks ago we had blocks, tools, and clipboards. I never know exactly what will happen when I add clipboards to the blocks center. Sometimes the kids push them aside and ignore them. Sometimes the clipboards become part of a building project. And sometimes the clipboards encourage writing.

This time.....
We drew objects. 
We traced tools.
We traced blocks.
We drew buildings.

And when I walked by the "take home" table, I found this.
G drew a picture of what he constructed.
And learned that he can use writing to record his thoughts and ideas.
I love an early childhood classroom and all the discoveries that can be found. Especially when I get to find them.


  1. that is so wonderful. it's such a great feeling to be able to stand back and watch the kids go to work, at play! :)

  2. Oh - I just have to try this in one of classes - or all of them:) Love the blending of writing throughout all areas of the classroom!

  3. Yay, great idea and I have plenty of clipboards to add to a variety of centers! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cool! That last one gave me the warm fuzzies!

  5. I love what you found on the take home table! I love that you labeled his sketch of building as writing. It is!

  6. What is about clipboards I wonder?! They're ALWAYS a very big hit with our children too Scott!
    Donna :) :)