Sunday, January 2, 2011

Building with Cardboard and Tubes

I love using reusing items and recycling materials. So I save a lot of stuff. I've called it a sickness...Teacher Tom calls it being a middle-class bag lady.

This week I was reminded why I save this stuff. In the block center - blocks, cardboard pieces, and cardboard tubes. Here's what happened. (I only have a few photos; it was a busy morning.)

We've used these materials before but this group of boys surprised my at their creativity and inventiveness in using them. I love it when the kids surprise me.


  1. What cool structures! The paraprofessionals at my school know that I loved cardboard and tubes. Everytime the laminator runs out of film, they save the tubes for me. My Kinders love to build with them. My motto...your trash is my treasure.

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy following your blog.

  2. I like how they use the little cardboard pieces - such a simple idea that allows for so much creativity!

  3. I love it when children's play surprises adults too Scott. it's always that wonderful open ended, unstructured, free spirited, imaginative play just like your children are enjoying here ... just love it!
    Donna :) :)

  4. This is GREAT! We recently lost our rugs school-wide due to some bug issues in the building & city. Been trying to think of ways to still have blocks with no rug and not hurt all our ears in the process. Thank you!!