Thursday, November 5, 2015

Building on Outlines

I love blocks! Sometimes I think I love them more than my kids. I always feel more secure in the room when I can see a shelf or bin of blocks somewhere in the room.

While building with blocks is a fun learning experience, I'm always looking for more ways to use blocks. I'm looking for activities that will challenge and expand thinking and will encourage kids to use blocks in a different way.

One activity we've done it to create outlines or "blueprints" for block building.

Kids in this group built on the plans, matching the shapes directly. They looked for the exact blocks that would fit in the spaces.

Other times kids will lay out blocks beside the plan to match the design. Sometimes they will even build the blocks vertically to match the designs.

To expand their thinking, we will often put out clipboards with paper and pencils. Then kids can draw their own plans or chart their own structures.

Block building can be more than just creating structures. How have you created more learning opportunities in the blocks center?

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