Thursday, February 9, 2012


This week in the blocks center we added clipboards, pencils, tools, building plans, and measuring items. Our construction play took on lots of different dimensions.

We measured and recorded our measurements.

"9 i" = "9 inches"
Using our own abbreviations.

We drew plans...and drew on plans.

We built using plans as a guide.

"It's not really the same building," he told me.

We worked together to build.

Lots of skills...lots of learning...lots of fun.


  1. Hi Scott, Your post reminds me of a reflection I've been having lately. When I have done activities like this with my kids (who I've had for three years now), some of the deeper conceptual learning doesn't happen in the moment, but will creep in later. For instance they might get the representation of the building plans and the measurements but not things like drawing to scale or 90 degree angles and what not. However, because we have offered them the seed for learning, these concepts sink in so easily later on (sometimes a year later) because they got the experience and could work with the materials with their hands (and their interest). Does that make sense? Today it's fun and representational, tomorrow it might be architecture and blue prints.

    I'm also wondering, what was your role in this scenario? Did you lead the learning or did the kids do most of the leading? Just wondering : )

    Great post!

  2. Most of what you see was led by the kids. I did mention the measuring tools and the clipboards for jotting down measurements or ideas. (Sometimes they get tunnel vision and just don't see the other things right there.) But the main part of what they did are completely their own ideas.

    And you are right - they develop basic foundational understandings that "sink in later" and lead to greater understanding. That's what I find so great about their "play" - it's really deep learning and work!