Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Unusual Items for the Blocks Center

Yesterday I posted about using kitchen utensils in the blocks center. Today on the collaborative blog, PreK and K Sharing, I posted ideas of other unusual things we've used in the blocks center.

Here are some pictures of other items we've enjoyed in our construction play.

PVC Pipes and Connectors

Plastic Lids

Paper Strips and Rocks

Cardboard Pieces

 Cardboard Tubes and Cardboard Pieces

Index Cards

What are some things you have added to supplement your kids' construction play? Add ideas here or on the collaborative blog.


  1. The tops of discarded markers.

    1. Great idea! I've used those tops for other things but not in the blocks center. It's now on my list.

  2. Styrofoam (though it's messy), the cardboard corners from tv or furniture boxes, cones, sour cream containers, & cut up pool noodles. I have some cut up PVC pipes, but I love your PVC pic showing the big pieces and connectors! Great ideas!

  3. Plastic cups, plastic hangers, thread spools

  4. Hi, lots of terrific ideas,

    The kids love clear and coloured stones, items from our math junk boxes like sea shells and feathers.

    Liz@ crazy for kindergarten

  5. How about those drink holders from fast food places? I left them in block area and kids used them as tops of buildings. The kids said it looked like castles.