Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Favorite Things: Lids

A couple of years ago I had a periodic blog series of favorite things. (Here's a quick round-up of some of my favorite favorites.) I decided that I need to bring back those periodic posts. And, for the first one, I'll feature something that I have blogged about a lot and use regularly - my bag of lids.

Lids © Brick by Brick

I started saving lids a few years ago with no particular purpose in mind. I have amassed quite a collection. In the past two weeks we have used these lids for--

Making letters

Lids Letters © Brick by Brick

Making groups of ten

Counting Lids © Brick by Brick

In the past we've used them for these and other things.

We used them as a base for an art exploration.

Angel © Brick by Brick

We used them as game pieces.

Game Pieces © Brick by Brick

We used them to build.

Building with lids  © Brick by Brick

We used them to explore shapes.

Exploring shapes with lids  © Brick by Brick

We count them, sort them, and sometimes ignore them for other things.

I have grown to love my bag of lids.

Others have used lids in interesting ways, too.

How have you recycled and repurposed lids?

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