Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saving Lids

Recently I developed a compulsion. I'm saving lids from drink bottles. I'm not really sure why. When I finish a soft drink or bottle of tea, I toss the bottle but save the lid. I think I'm saving up for a special project in the classroom, but I'm not sure what. I've never had this happen before. Usually I save something for a specific project. Or I save some things just by habit (like paper towel tubes). I don't have any particular idea in mind for the lids.

I came across these ideas from Excellence in Early Childhood Education. (Great ideas, Deborah!) But none of these answered my question of why I began saving the lids. I'll definitely use some of these ideas, but some other idea is out there, just beyond my thoughts.

Maybe it's a new symptom of my sickness. Well, for now I'm saving lids. When I use them in the classroom, I'll let you know.

Have you ever had a compulsion to save something or get something without a concrete idea why?

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Photographer: Jocelyn | McAuliflower


  1. When I helped my mom move out of her house last year I found hundreds of unused (and mostly unopened) packages of hair rollers. I asked her why she had so many and she said she really just kept thinking that she would find a use for them and kept collecting them when they went on sale. So I put most of the unopened packages in a box and donated them to a local mission center and all that was left was a big basket of the unused rollers. So I brought the bag home and put it in my garage. The other day, my husband was cleaning out the garage and I noticed that he set the bag in the trash pile. I quickly grabbed the bag and set it back on the shelf. Looking at me like I was nutty - my husband said "Why are you keeping those dumb things?" I told him that I didn't know but was planning to use them for a preschool idea. So now I have taken over my mom's weird collection of hair rollers and have yet to do something with them - but I will:)

  2. ha! i started the same "problem" last year. in fact, i asked preschool families to help out. we collected hundreds of milk lids. at the end of the year we actually wrote a letter on each and then they could spell words, etc.

    i hear you!

  3. I save all kinds of things based on the theory that if you have enough of anything, you can use it in a preschool. I eat a lot of Altoids so we always have a supply of those nice metal boxes handy for almost any project. Apparently, I drink enough beer to keep us in a supply of bottle caps (it's not just me -- parents make donations!). I even save those little square plastic dealies that are for reclosing my loaf of bread.

    My first parent educator told me that, "preschool teachers are middle class bag ladies." I've decided to embrace that moniker. Sounds like you are too!

  4. Hey Scott I just came by this idea and have decided I'm going to get the children to create new colours by mixing food dye and make their own paints this week AND I'm going to use all our milk carton lids to put the paint in. Made me think about you!


    Donna :) :)

  5. Thanks for the idea, Donna. Looks like something to try.