Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What About That 2014 Word?

Each year, for the past few years, I choose one word as my "resolution." For 2014, I chose ENJOY.

I went back and read the post about choosing this word, written those long 12 months ago. Here's the quote that jumped out at me--
I'm going to enjoy this year, no matter what comes along. (Uh, oh.)
This was an interesting year, a year to challenge my joy and my enjoyment. My wife was injured in a car accident; I was not rehired at my school; life continues even when insurance or income doesn't.

This was also a year to find new areas of enjoyment. We have wonderful friends that continue to bless us; I actually enjoy grocery shopping; I can now cook more meals; driving Mrs. Cindy is a lot of fun; I really like to write and I'm good at it.

What have I learned? Joy, true joy, isn't tied to circumstances.

I have been stressed. I didn't like everything that happened to us this year. We are still in a journey of discovery and adventure. Uncertainty isn't my favorite thing.

But in the midst of it all, I see things to enjoy. And I can rest in the joy that God brings each and every day.

When I chose ENJOY in January, I had no idea what the year would hold. But I'm thankful for each experience this year that has helped me to see beyond the immediate circumstances and find the thankfulness and joy within them.

I've been pondering the word for 2015. That post is coming next week.

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(I have also enjoyed filling my #EmptyShelf with 36 books I've read this year.) 

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