Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One of Those Days

My word for this year is ENJOY. I'm working on being present and enjoying what happens as I teach and learn.
ENJOY (Brick by Brick)

Have you ever had one of those days? Our school had one last week.

A water main broke in our school's area. No notification early in the morning. So we all gathered at school and began the school day. With no water. Which means no working restrooms.

Not a great environment for learning. We couldn't leave school (for some reason). So we kept going, as best as we could.

Then the fire alarm went off. I wasn't aware of a drill but out I went. It wasn't a drill. My kids were in PE so I joined them outside. In the frosty air. With no coats.

We waited for a half hour or so. The fire truck came. But no fire. (I don't know what would have happened if there was a fire. Remember, no water.)

A mix-up in the afternoon completed the day. I changed my lesson plan, readjusted it, and then changed it again. (You know, a typical day.)

Throughout the day, I heard comments from colleagues about the terrible day. But I didn't have the same feeling. Yes, it was challenging. But my students stayed on task, some more than usual. We adjusted and adapted. We laughed and had fun. We learned something.

On this yearly journey of ENJOY, I think I did. On one of "those days."

In fact, there were other days that I enjoyed less last week. We're still working on staying on task and not yelling out our every thought. A few times last week, I was really frustrated. And - what did I learn? Release it.

I must consciously (and even audibly and softly) release those feelings. When the frustration and anger are released, I can take a breath and deal with things more appropriately. Then the possibility is open for more enjoyment (or at least not creating less enjoyment for me or the kids).


  • Keep looking for the small things to enjoy.
  • Let go of frustration and make room to enjoy.

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  1. I have never heard of a school keeping kids when there is no water! I love your perspective but I am thinking that was a crazy day!