Thursday, January 2, 2014

Choosing One Word for 2014

A couple of years ago, inspired by One Word 365, I began choosing one word to guide me for the year. Instead of resolutions or goals, I use this one word to help me focus for the year.

As I pondered which word to choose for 2014, several contenders came to mind: 




None seemed just right. Then, as I reflected and pondered and dreamed about this year, one word rose to the top. My one word this year is ENJOY.

I like to reflect and evaluate - something you already know if you read many posts on this blog. What I have realized in recent days is that I sometimes let reflection and evaluation take over. Too many times I worry about what is happening or what needs to change next time rob me of the enjoyment of the moment. 

This year I want to enjoy what is happening now. I want to see the excitement as we play Name That Number. I want to be present as a child tells me a story (that goes on and on and takes up "instructional time").

"Enjoy" doesn't mean to shirk responsibility. It doesn't mean living in the moment with no concern for where we are going or what we are doing. But it does mean to enjoy what is happening, to be in the moment.

“We're so busy watching out for 
what's just ahead of us that 
we don't take time to 
enjoy where we are.”  
--Calvin and Hobbes

I want to see the fun and joy in what we are doing instead of always planning on the next step or evaluating effectiveness. 

I'm going to enjoy the unique personalities in my room.

I'm going to enjoy what we are doing in the classroom - and adjust when things don't seem to be very enjoyable.

I'm going to enjoy my own interests in the evenings and weekends - and not feel guilty that I'm spending time doing something fun or not work-related.

I'm going to enjoy this new adventure I started last year.

Will I still have frustrations or worries? Anxieties and reflections? Yes.

But those won't steal the joy that comes from being with young kids every day. I'm going to enjoy this year, no matter what comes along. (Uh, oh.)

I'll post updates on my one word throughout the year. (Links will be housed on the One Word page.)

What one word will be your focus in 2014?


  1. I think "enjoyment" is a value worth pursuing. It gives us something to look forward to both now and in the future.

    Being in Scotland, I picked the word "independence" for the topic of my first post. It's going to be a big year as we debate and decide this in Scotland.

    Happy New Year Scott

    1. Happy New Year, Juliet! I'm looking forward to seeing what all 2014 has in store for us.