Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Word for 2013

It's the new year, a time for reflection and plans. I've done resolutions and anti-resolutions. (I still love those anti-resolutions and will not do those things.) Last year, spurred by One Word 365, I selected a word for the year.

The word for last year was CHOOSE. And 2012 was certainly a year of choices. Somewhere along the year I forgot to keep that word in front of me - but I did certainly focuses on choosing intentionally throughout the year. That led to a new job and a new adventure.

So I decided to choose one word for this year. My word: LISTEN

This year I will listen to others and learn more about being an effective teacher.

I will listen to my doctor and think about what I eat and how much I move.

I will listen to my instincts, using what I know and believe to impact my classroom.

I will listen to the kids, shaping the classroom to fit them and their interests.

I will listen to God, keeping open to His leadership through prayer and Bible reading.

I will listen more and talk less. I will listen more, reflect more, think more. I will listen and be quiet.

Unlike last year, I'm going to keep this word in front of me. I will evaluate each month how much I'm listening and learning, I will commit to listen on a regular basis.

What word would you choose for 2013? I'm listening.


  1. I love this list. Thank you for the thoughtful reflections.

  2. Something we just don't do enough of Scott. Great resolution :)

    1. Your blog brought tears to my eyes. I have never felt so compelled to respond to any other teacher's website or blog. You are a wonderful teacher already. It is evident you put your students first! Keep it up:) Laura