Monday, January 2, 2012


I read about anti-resolutions on the Write Anything blog. Anti-resolutions are things you resolve not to do in the upcoming year. So, here are some of my anti-resolutions for the classroom.

1. I will not tell people that glitter is the root of all that is wrong in the world. (And I still will not use glitter.)

2. I will not go beyond the limit of 2,000 when saving paper towel tubes or cardboard boxes.

3. I will not make my classroom too safe or try to save children from their own experimenting.

4. I will not make kids follow my thinking or my agenda and make them abandon their own ideas.

5. I will not plan things for the kids to do without intention.

6. I will not be afraid to fail.

7. I will not blame the children when the classroom is not running smoothly.

8. I will not have a quiet classroom. (But I will not forget those who are quiet learners.)

9. I will not use items for their intended purpose.

10. I will not make fun of my friends who are addicted to Pinterest. (I'm still resisting!)

11. I will not stop learning.

(Thank you, blog friends, for what you have taught me this year. I look forward to a great 2012 learning with you.)


  1. Scott- this is great! I love the fact that you are still resisting Pinterest! It's only a matter of time, you know! And, I would be careful who I told the "glitter" anti-resolution may just walk into your classroom covered in glitter one day...the tables, the lamps...the carpet! :) I also loved all the links! I had to click through all of them just to see if my guess as to which post it would be was right!

  2. Indeed, glitter is evidence that we live in a broken world.

  3. This is a great list, from another anti-glitter teacher:)

  4. Glitter is awesome. Kids love it and the more the better. I do hate the clean up though but my motto is 'the bigger the mess, the more successful the art project'. It's funny that most male teachers don't like the glitter.

  5. Great post! I'm in the middle of writing my post of my "resolutions" for the new year. I like the anti take on resolutions! :) Happy New Year!

  6. Love it Scott & you & that glitter thing hmmm - must have been a scary childhood incident!! Have to share this post it's so good :)

  7. LOVE! I'm 100% with you on Pinterest; the last thing I need is a new time-waster!!! and besides, even my very trendy designer-friend is 'over it' lol.

    Now, about the glitter thing! I find that the more you restrict the use of glitter, the more you restrict the kids' creativity when they use it. My first EC job was in a totally pro-glitter centre, and the creativity those kids had with it was totally amazing- they didn't over-use it, they'd worked out that it was a wonderful way to highlight things. Then later I worked in an 'anti-glitter' centre, and when I pulled it out the artwork consisted entirely of a dob of paint, a heap of glitter, walk away (for MONTHS). It was almost like they had to work through the restriction thing as a protest before they could be creative with it- the permission to use it became a replacement for actual creativity.

    I am pro-glitter! Let them discover a hundred ways to play with it! Long live the vacuum cleaner! :D

  8. I'm laughing at 10. Bet you're hooked by the end of the year!

  9. Great post Scott! I think you will be able to resist glitter but not pinterest :)

  10. What a wonderful post! I am officially joining the Anti-Resolution party! Although, I must admit, we are not "allowed" to use glitter in our classroom (don't worry, I ended up making my own with EPSOM salt!) and I am TOTALLY addicted to PINTEREST!