Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Teaching Resolutions

In thinking about the new year, here are some teaching/teacher goals for the new year.

1. I want to discover more ways to use technology as a tool in my classroom. One big part of this is to provide some simple digital cameras for the kids to use to take their own pictures during learning.

2. I want to encourage more ideas from the kids and look for ways I can feed their curiosity.

3. I want to go beyond the "usual activities" I choose to find some unique ways to engage boys and girls in learning.

4. I want to fail spectacularly in one activity I offer. I want to try something a little crazy and learn from it. (What that is, I don't know. But I do know that I have avoided some things because I was worried or fearful about it. And I want to go beyond that.)

5. I want to read lots of books, blogs, etc. to discover one completely new (to me) idea that will improve my teaching.

These are some of the things I want to do. What about your goals/resolutions for your classroom?

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  1. I particularly love #4. I can't wait to read about it

    Happy New Year, my new friend. Peace, joy and (just a little) spectacular failure in the New Year!

  2. Here! Here! Number four is my favorite too:) As for technology - this is a challenge we all face in early childhood, be sure to share any successes you have in this area. Off to 2010 we go!

    Your friend,

  3. I'd like to make digital cameras more accessible to the kids this year too. As for failing spectacularly - I think I do this all the time :)

  4. I actually made 2 resolutions for the first time in years - one regarding organization and the other time management. I figure if I master these two things, everything else will fall into place.
    I love your resolutions...they really got me thinking, especially #2. As far as failing, I had a few good ones this past year, particularly my minnow event. We all learned from those experiences, though!

  5. I love resolution number four. That's one of the best things I've seen a teacher aim for.