Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sand Out of the Box

Usually we explore sand in a box or a sand table. The kids scoop and pour the sand, all working in the same container. This week we tried something different. We put the container on one side of the table and placed trays around it for workspaces.

We had bowls, measuring spoons, combs, strainers, and rolling pins. (And a few camels for good measure.)

Kids could scoop sand from the main container and put it on their trays to work.

I found that the kids used the sand a little differently than they had in the past.

They were more intent on their work...and spent time creating and thinking about what they would do.

I've not used rolling pins with sand before, but I will again. And using the trays to let kids have their "own space" worked really well.

Sometimes trying something in a little different way--adding a little twist--really pays off.

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