Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bringing Outside In

Two of my favorite blogs stress outdoor play--Jenny at Let the Children Play and Juliet at I'm a Teacher, Get Me OUTSIDE Here! I love reading about their outdoor adventures. Teacher Tom and Sherry and Donna at Irresistible Ideas also blog a lot about outdoor classrooms and the adventures and learning that happen there.

And I wished I could join those adventures. But my current situation prevents it. Then I read a post by Tom at Sand and Water Tables. He mentioned that he had no outdoor space to play and he reminded me that bringing nature items into the classroom can provide similar experiences and adventures. We've done that, too.

Of course, we use water - we sail boats, wash dishes, scoop and pour it, sink and float items.

And we use sand - we scoop and pour it, hide things in it, and wet it so we can mold it.

And we've even create pictures with it.

We sort beans and seeds (and other nature things, too).

We paint still life paintings of wheat, flowers, and other arrangements.

We investigate rocks and stones - look at them, sort them, weigh them, draw pictures of them.

And even use them in our buildings.

Tom at Sand and Water Tables reminded me to remember how to make the most of my situation. Don't lament what I don't have...invent ways to make it happen.

So I'm even more dedicated to reading Jenny and Juliet and Teacher Tom and Sherry & Donna - take in their adventures and ideas - and look for ways to bring them into my classroom. The world is full of create learning adventures--both inside and out.


  1. And I'm sure they're all very dedicated to reading your inspiring posts too.

  2. Spectacular ideas...Thanks for sharing! I am referring you on fb! Learngrowbloom