Monday, October 24, 2011

A Gifted Man

I was looking through my pictures today and found this picture. Some of my favorite gifts to receive are pictures or writings from my kids.

Then I started things about other gifts I receive on a regular basis.

A smile of recognition and a wave when seen outside the classroom.

A grab around the knees and a tight hug.

A compliment: This week I heard, "Mr. Scott, I like that shirt."

A great story about dogs or friends playing or a scrape or a birthday party.

A voice calling out "Hey Mr Scott!" as I walk down the hallway.

A noisy classroom as kids play and learn and discover. And try things in different ways than I planned.

I am such a fortunate guy. I get these gifts every week from a wonderful group of kids. What more could a guy (or gal) want?


  1. :D I have a little box full of treasures like these from children I've taught over the years. When I'm feeling self-doubt, I look through it and remember those special children who felt I offered them something they needed and took the time to make me a card or write a letter. When I'm cleaning out the rubbish and rationalising my 'stuff', I always look at that box of paper and say 'NO, that is STAYING!!'