Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Repurposing Ideas I'm Going to Steal

I love it when I can recycle, reuse, and/or repurpose materials. It's part of my DSDD. Well, my friends around the blogosphere are feeding my sickness. Here are five great ideas that I will be, borrowing for myself.

Magnet Play Set - Teach Preschool: Deborah has been working hard on her new classroom...and has been giving me lots of great ideas. I love this magnet set made with lids and slinkys. Slinkys! I can't wait to see what these look like on our large magnet board (also a repurposed item!).

Ice Cube Tray Marker Organization - Pre-K Pages: Vanessa made me realize a problem in my classroom (kids cannot find the specific marker colors they want) and she gave me a solution (tall ice cube tray). I can see that this will really help in my writing center.

Creative File Organizer - Pre-K Pages: Vanessa again has a great post. This is a much better use for a dish drainer than actually washing dishes. I also read somewhere (maybe on Facebook related to this post) that you could use it in a center to hold/display books.

Sponge Towers - Toddler Approved: I got to this idea through Ellis' blog Growing in Pre-K. Cutting sponges into strips for building - like a Jenga game. I was going to purchase one of those games, but now I'm just going to make my own; it's quieter, too, when knocked over. My builders will love these.

Old Slides into Sculptures - TinkerLab: Rachelle sent my brain spinning with this post. I can imagine all kinds of things we could do with old slides - but I've not imagined that before. I like the sculptures - and the idea of using them as windows in constructions. Need to find some of these.

Have you made any good finds to repurpose/reuse/recycle lately?


  1. You better hurry up because I am stealing them all too! LOL! They are all terrific ideas!

  2. Think many of us are steal these - the call for cans went out, the markers were kid selected and placed in our found ice cube tray today, 3 dish drainer are in use here - 1 teacher folders/1 art project supplies(on table)/ 1 wooden puzzles (drainer on it's side). Liking the sponge idea - think I have some extras in the art supply box - maybe tomorrow. Wonder how the kids would do cutting them?

  3. Too funny. Thanks for sharing our sponge tower idea. I'm going to have to try some of these other ones!