Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maps and Highlighters

Kindergartners are very interested in writing and literacy. We always have markers and paper in our writing center. But we often add other opportunities to write - different types of paper and different writing implements. This week we had map pieces and highlighter markers.

Highlighters are fun because you can draw and still see through it. Maps make a great different medium to draw on. The kids used these materials in a few different ways.

Some drew lines and shapes just like they would on any other paper.

Some filled in the spaces they found on the maps.

Some drew along the roads.

Some covered the entire piece with color. (But we could still see the map lines!)

It was interesting to see how the kids approached drawing on paper that already had something on it. Sometimes just a different paper or a different writing tool creates different thinking.

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  1. This caught my eye right away because it can go along with a theme that I've been working on (planning for the fall) in my lesson plans. I teach PreK and this year we have incorporated a week about getting to know our school. This is a new theme that we've never had so there is nothing in our curriculum files for it. I've noticed with classes in the past they were drawn to a campus map that hung outside of our classroom. I decided to incorporate a center with copies of campus, as well as classroom maps. I was somewhat struggling on what exactly to put out along with the maps other than magnifying glasses and rulers, but I think having colored pencils, markers and highlighters out as well might be the perfect combination. I'm interested now to see how they respond to it...