Friday, July 29, 2011

Just for Today

Just for today, I want to live like a preschooler.

I want to explore whatever comes my way, just because it's there.

I want to notice everything. 

I want to write a note for a friend, just because he's my friend.

I want to give a gift for not reason, not an expensive purchased gift but something I made - maybe on the spur of the moment.

I want to ask questions, to so I can know something new.

I was to try something without thinking "why am I doing this; what is the outcome or purpose?"

I want to contribute to a conversation, even if what I say is completely off topic.

I want to be a friend to whomever I see today.

I want to be loud, even if it's not exactly the right time to be loud.

Just for today, I want to live like a preschooler.

And maybe tomorrow, too. Because it's a great way to live.


  1. What a blessing it must be to be a preschooler under your guidance!!! Rock on.
    Sending smiles,

  2. Oh, Scott~ this is beautiful!!!!! I want to live like a preschooler, too!

  3. Perfect post for today...or tomorrow, or the next! Love it so very much! (My husband and I were at dinner last night and a preschool age boy ran through the restaurant with a "whooo hoooo" and then sat back in his chair. I told my husband that I wish everyone could do that when they just felt like it, no matter our age :) Cheers to a wonderful day!

  4. I think living like a preschooler is recognizing the blessing we are given daily when we wake to try again to appreciate, acknowledge the gift we have been given by G-d to be...

  5. Exactly just that! Wish I can be a kid again. All you do is play, play, play, be wild, explore the unknown and learn something new each day. It's funny, just the other day I was telling my sister that as a child growing up, I wanted to grow up so fast, I wanted to drive, to go to work instead of school, and do whatever I wanted to do because I was a grown-up. Now, as a grown-up, I just want to be a kid again. No worries. No responsibilities. No stress. Just want to play and explore from day to day and have a great time learning. Can grown-ups still play like children?

  6. I love this! That's one of the many reasons I love my job, because I can see through the eyes of preschoolers. It is beautiful!