Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canvas Painting, the Sequel

We took our group painting on canvas from last week.

Added practice golf balls, paint (different colors than last week), and straws.

We tried blowing. It worked sometimes, but not as much as we wanted.

So we used the straws as small bats to move the balls around the canvas.

Things got a little crazy a few times, and I had to redirect them so we wouldn't get totally out of hand.

The results were nice.

The last kids dropped their straws onto the painting and went to wash up. J decided to do more than just drop his straw. He began smoothing out some of the bigger globs of paint. (These globs sometimes happened when I put the paint-covered balls into play.)

My first thought was "He messed up the painting." But, then, I remembered that the painting was theirs, not mine. (See Teacher Tom's volcano for his thoughts about this.) And I felt that the result gave the painting a focal point. Here's the final work.

I will enjoy looking at this painting in my office each day. And I'll really enjoy remembering the fun, smiles, and the mess that we made doing it. And that focal point will always remind me of J and his inventive thinking.