Thursday, June 17, 2010

Favorite Things: Game Mat

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about using some of the lids I've been saving as game pieces. At that time I didn't mention that I also used one of my favorite tools to make the game. The gameboard was made on with the Giant Game Floor Mat. I purchased mine. You can make your own by using wide mailing tape to attach gallon ziplock bags to a vinyl tablecloth or a shower curtain. But the purchased one is very sturdy, able to withstand lots of walking and standing. The game mat comes with a spinner and beanbag, too, so you can make lots of different types of games.

The game I made a couple of weeks ago was a large board game.

I have also used the game mat to make a twister game. We were talking about helping and I put the letters H, E, L, and P in the mat's pockets (repeatedly). I made cards with the letters and either a hand or foot; the cards went into a bag. A kid pulled a card and put his hand/foot on that letter.

I've put pictures, letters, colors, and so forth in the pockets. Kids would toss the beanbag on the mat. Or put actions in the pockets and toss the beanbag. Kids do that action. More ideas can be found online.

For older kids, you can hang the mat on the wall and play a Jeopardy-like game. Or shoot suction-cup darts at the mat and they will stick.

I love this mat for all types of activities. It's one of my favorite things.