Thursday, April 6, 2017

5 Ways to Use Straws

Straws are a great resource to have on hand in your preschool or kindergarten classroom. Here are five ways we've used them in our classroom.

1. Build with them.

Or at least use them in your blocks center. We've explored all kinds of things in the blocks center and straws make interesting additions to block creations or other construction play.

2. Paint with them.

We painted on a canvas with straws and balls. The idea was to blow the practice golf balls around on the canvas. The paint was too thick or the balls too solid so blowing was a chore. Instead we batted the balls around on the canvas using the straws as bats or paddles.

You can also put paint on the paper and blow the paint to create designs. Check out the "wind art" on this post on Pre-K Pages.

3. Play games with them.

Recently we tried some challenge games. We used straws to blow cups across (and off) a table. We used straws to pick up and move tissue paper squares; suck in to attract the paper to the straw, move it, and release onto the target.

Another game to play is blowing a pom-pom along a trail. Use tape to make a trail line. Place a pom-pom on the tape and blow the pom-pom down the trail.

4. String them.

Cut the straws into short lengths. String them on a chenille craft stem to make a bracelet or on a length of yarn to make a necklace.

Add some number practice with this activity. Roll a numbered cube. Add straw pieces or other things to the bracelet or necklace.

Note: Straws could also be a part of cutting practice. Place them (and paper and other items) on a table with scissors for kids to cut and cut and cut.

5. Fly them.

The kids created a tossing/flying game with the straws and cups. They arranged the cups in a group and tossed the straws like darts or spears, trying to land them in a designated cup.

Or make a straw airplane with paper strips, tape, and straws.

Straws are a part of our regular resource collection. What have you done with straws in your classroom?

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