Monday, March 12, 2012

Windy Day Fun

Today I'm posting on Kids Ministry 101 about windy day fun.

There are ideas there for homemade kites and windsocks. Here are a few other ideas and links for windy fun.

Make a Straw Airplane - I just went to a training session where we flew these planes. It was so much fun!
Cut a paper strip 1 inch by 10 inches and another strip 1 inch by 5 inches. Tape the ends of each strip together to make a circle. Tape the circles to either end of a straw. Hold and toss like a paper airplane. I tried both regular paper and cardstock. Both worked but the cardstock plane flew a little better. You could decorate the strips with markers or stickers before making the circles.

Fly them outside for distance or try to land them on particular targets (inside a basket or plastic hoop).

Make Paper Airplanes - You can fold paper into all kinds of planes. has instructions for different kinds. Play airplane games or just fly for fun.

Make an Anemometer - Create your own anemometer to see the wind speed. Unplug Your Kids has instructions with simple resources (cardboard, paper cups, push pin, pencil, clay).

Indoor Kite - If you cannot go outside to play, you can have some kite fun indoors. Leeanne at Kreative Resources made a fun indoor kite.


  1. Aw thanks for the shout out! I am going to make these planes for my tots - too fun!

  2. So cool!! The kids in my class would love these! :)...and I'm sure my 15 month old son would, too. :)

  3. A group of adults had a great time flying I know kids would love them.