Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Inspiration from the Blogosphere: Father's Day

Often it seems like Father's Day gets overlooked...or at least I don't see as many posts as I do for Mother's Day. That's probably because the day is in summertime and we are focused on other things or, since school's out, there's are fewer people looking for ideas.

I've seen several posts or links to Father's Day ideas recently. Dads - or any male role models - always enjoy seeing handprint pictures and cards with drawings or shaky messages. But gifts that have everyday use can be seen regularly and incorporated in Dad's workspace or vehicle. Here are few ideas for homemade gifts for dads or other special guys (or gals) in a kid's life.

Our go-to gift for dads and others are Keychains (Brick by Brick). These are items that could be used every day. A child made me one once and I enjoyed seeing it (and thinking about her) every day as I drove my truck.

Another everyday gift is Bag Tag/Hang Tag...and keychains again (Pre-K Pages). The tag can go on a briefcase, toolbox, suitcase, or car mirror.

I wrote a post about this Embossed Frame for Pre-K Pages. This activity would be for older preschoolers and children but the results are really cool.

That post includes frames with stickers, too. Here is more information about sticker frames (Brick by Brick).

Or you could make Craft stick frames (Brick by Brick). We make them at Christmas but they would work for any gift giving time.

Dress up the Craft stick frame with nuts and bolts (Fun-a-Day).

Or convert that craft stick frame into Handprint Sun Catcher (Real Life at Home).

To put in any of those frames, or in purchased frames, take photos for using Dad's boots/shoes (I Heart Crafty Things).

Food always makes a great gift. This cookie gift (Pre-K Pages) combines cookies AND recycled item = Win-Win!

Another cooking gift idea: Barbecue Sauce (Inner Child Fun)

Just a few ideas from around the blogosphere. What have you seen that would make a great gift for a dad or other family member?

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  1. Coffee Ring Art