Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Fathers Day Gift

In a recent post I mused over what do offer for kids to do for Fathers Day. I liked several ideas and could not decide. Finally we decided to do a variation of the duct tape frame.

In our version we used foam frames, colored masking tape (wide and narrow), and stickers.

After completing frames, we drew pictures or wrote words in index cards to insert in the frames.

This turned out to be a good choice. Cindy was still not able to come so I was on my own again. This proved to be an activity that required little intervention from me.

And the final frames looked as if 6-year-olds had done them. Just as they should.

On a related note, something happened that reminded me of Aunt Annie's wise words regarding days like Mothers Day and Fathers Day. One girl stood at the table. She asked, "Are we going to talk about Fathers Day today?" (I had not mentioned Fathers Day at all.)

"Did you want to talk about Fathers Day?" I asked.

"No," she said. "Because my dad left. And I don't get to see my granddad much. He lives in [another city]."

"Well, you can make a frame for anyone you want," I said. "Maybe your mother. Maybe someone else."

"I think I'll make it for my granddad," she said. And she did.

It's important to make sure that every child feels included in everything we do.


  1. Bless that little girl for saying what she was feeling, and bless you for being the sort of teacher she could trust to listen and understand.

  2. When I introduce projects or activities that are event specific - I always present them as something that can be used for any event or anyone, as well as what they are specifically intended for. I do this because there are often children who don't celebrate specific holidays or events due to religious or personal reasons. I once had a brother and sister who could not celebrate Halloween - so we adapted the crafts for that event (for them) into something generic. That way they could be involved but not overstepping the line for them.

  3. With all the colors of duct tape out there now you can really have fun with it! I love the frames and the open endedness of your choice!