Saturday, June 4, 2011

Father's Day Is Coming

All around the blogosphere lately are ideas for Father's Day.

Last year we made keychains. The kids enjoyed it and we may do this again.

But I found these other ideas from my blogger friends. We may do one of these instead.

  • Duct tape frame (from Teach Preschool) - As an alternate idea, ask kids to draw a picture of themselves with their dads to put in the frame.

  • Container of cookies (from Pre-K Pages) - We talked about using the short cans for kids to decorate and making trail mix to put in it.

I like all of these ideas. We will do one of these but I'm not sure which one yet. 

Have you seen any other great ideas that I need to consider?


  1. Thanks for the mentions Scott! I had 5 more fun Father's Day ideas in my weekly newsletter last week. Coasters, Soup Can Pencil Cup, Reeses Pieces "I love you to pieces", and a can for storing change "I wouldn't change you for anything". I had a student who made me a set of heart coasters with her own artwork on top for Valentine's Day and I have to say it's the most useful gift I have ever received (mugs don't count!).
    Best of luck on making your decision

  2. Thanks for more to ponder, Vanessa.

  3. We like to put a handprint, a footprint and either a photo of the child or a drawing by the child onto one page and laminate it with the date- makes a great memento of how little kids once were.

    I'd just like to put in a word to please all remember that some kids have no dad, just as it's important to remember on Mothers' Day that some kids don't have a mum. I've written a blog post about that issue and how I've handled it in the past when doing whole-group activities- you can read it here:

    Loving reading this blog, thank you.

  4. Good reminder, Aunt Annie. We talk about showing love to all of our family members and tell kids to make a card/gift for a father or other family member - anyone they choose.

  5. Thank you for including me too:)

  6. Thanks for the mention! We are also compiling a list of Father's day ideas too (I would like to include your keychain idea, if that's ok!).

    As for the children with no dad on Father's Day, at our school we make sure to talk about special men in the child's life (grandpas, uncles, a big brother, etc). So, whatever gift we have the children make for Father's Day, we have them make the gift for that special man in their lives. (Same goes for Mother's Day).

  7. Laura - it's fine with me to include the keychain idea on your list of Father's Day ideas.