Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Literacy Can Be Play, Too

I think that play is the best way for kids to explore, discover, and learn. Sometimes we forget that literacy can be play, too. Or that the best way to explore and build literacy skills is to add opportunities for reading, writing, and alphabet exploration to our play experiences.

Here are some examples in my church kindergarten class this week--

As we explore moving pompoms with chopsticks, we can look at a chart of words written in different languages. Or we can explore a book written in Chinese. Looking at words in other languages helps kids understand that writing and print is meaningful and that people communicate in different ways.

pompoms and chopsticks (Brick by Brick)

We were spelling words at the large magnet board. We had magnet sticks, too, to explore and discover. Some kids experimented with creating letters with the sticks. This encourages kids to think about letter shapes and communicating through writing.

magnet sticks (Brick by Brick)

I often add books and other reading material to different centers or activities. This week we were playing in the home center. The girls turned pages in the Bibles and wanted to find stories that we had read in the past. They were connecting the stories they had heard to written text, connecting themselves to words.

books in the home center (Brick by Brick)

Other ways we add in a little literacy:
  • Add pencils, paper, and clipboards to any activity.
  • Post a sign with key words or a statement about what we are learning.
  • Provide access to writing materials at all times. Kids can pull in writing when they choose.
  • Lay books and other reference materials nearby. Or set up a reading nook where kids can always explore the written word.
  • Offer a writing center each week. Our kids always have opportunities to draw and write.

Check out this post I did for Pre-K Pages that incorporates literacy play and eye doctor dramatic play.

Eye Doctor Dramatic Play (Brick by Brick)

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