Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Ways to Use Craft Sticks

5 ways (Brick by Brick)

Craft stick are one of our favorite things. We use them in all kinds of ways. Here are five ways we've used them (plus a few other links, too).

1. Build with them

We like to include craft sticks (and other wood pieces) with our blocks from time to time. The craft sticks add another way to create create structures.

blocks and craft sticks (Brick by Brick)

Plus sticks can make great roads. (See my post about craft stick roads on PreK and K Sharing.)

craft stick roads (Brick by Brick)

2. Magnet Sticks

Add magnets to the backs of craft sticks and you have magnet sticks! These are great for exploring alone or with other magnetic shapes on a magnet board.

Magnet sticks (Brick by Brick)

Magnet Sticks (Brick by Brick)

Check out the post on Teach Preschool that inspired my sticks. Deborah made shapes, too.
DIY Magnetic Craft Sticks (Teach Preschool)

3. Stick Puppets

Tape photos or pictures from magazines onto craft sticks to make stick puppets.
Or provide paper, scissors, markers, and tape for kids to make their own stick puppets.

Stick puppets (Brick by Brick)

Mix It Up (Brick by Brick)

4. Make games.

We use craft sticks for different kinds of games. For one game, I printed letters on the sticks to spell a word. I made several sets of letters. We put them in a container and spilled them on the table. Then we played a variation of "Pick Up Sticks" where kids tried to remove a stick without moving any other stick. Kids tried to spell the name/word as we played. 

Our kids created other games with this group of sticks, too.

pick up sticks game (Brick by Brick)

Invention (Brick by Brick)

Check out this game made with sticks: Making Shapes (

5. Hot Glue Sculptures

Our favorite Christmas activity is making frames. We use the glue guns to make frames with colored craft sticks. (And we get to use the glue gun!) Using the glue gun makes the assembly quick (and usually painless); we don't need to wait for craft glue to dry before continuing our work.

Of course, you can use other glue instead of hot glue to make sculptures. Any way you do them, this is a fun way to explore!

craft stick frames (Brick by Brick)

"I'm Not Allowed to Use That" (Brick by Brick)

Check out this hanging sculpture from Childhood 101.

These are just five ways we use craft sticks. How do you use them in your classroom?

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