Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspiration from the Blogosphere: Hmm Edition

I love reading all kinds of blogs. Things that make me think. Things that put a new spin on things. Things that challenge what I may already "know." Things that remind me to be who I am.

Here are some posts from the past few weeks that have me thinking.

What Two Airlines Can Teach Us About School Culture (Spencer Ideas)

Are We Too Busy Schooling? (Center for Teaching Quality)

Dear Parent: About THAT Kid (Miss Night's Marbles) - This post is a year old and still powerful.

A Not Quitting Letter (Curmudgucation)

Hey New Teacher, Don't Quit. It Will Get Better (NPR Ed)

Eleven Things to Say Instead of "Be Careful" (Teacher Tom)

My fall reading also has me thinking. Check out the posts on Teaching with Intention.

What have you read that has you thinking?

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