Thursday, August 13, 2015

Burner Cover Magnet Boards

I've written a lot about my large magnet board. (It's really an oil drip pan from the automotive section of a discount store.) We use it with magnet shapes and magnet sticks. We use it as a magnet table. We even use it for sticky paper play. (Note: Check out my post on Pre-K Pages about using the large magnet board for graphing.)

But I haven't mentioned our small magnet boards. These are also repurposed items - stove burner covers. These are square but I've seen circular ones, too.

small magnet boards and shapes (Brick by Brick)

We bought them a while back. (Sometimes you can find them at the dollar store or other discount store.) We pull these out when we want to have more individual magnet experiences or use a table but not the whole table (as with the large magnet board).

burner cover magnet boards and shapes (Brick by Brick)

We've used magnet shapes and magnet letters. We've used magnet figures (to retell stories or play out original stories). We even had eyes, noses, and mouths to make funny faces.

burner cover magnet boards and face pieces (Brick by Brick)

These are great resources for centers or smaller areas for magnet play.

burner cover magnet boards and letters (Brick by Brick)

I really like these because you can use them as dry erase boards, too. And, if you flip them over, they make great trays for holding all kinds of things. I like when I can get lots of use from something!

burner covers and magnet shapes (Brick by Brick)

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