Friday, September 9, 2011

Magnet Board to Magnet Table

One of our favorite things is our magnet board. But we usually use it propped up against the wall or a table - a vertical surface for creating.

But recently we used it in a different configuration - the oil drip pan was on a table so we had a flat horizontal surface for creating.

The kids seemed to use the magnet shapes a little differently. They experimented with designs in a different way.

Sometimes just a little change in the way we use something can stimulate different thinking.

(Now I think I need to make Deborah's slinky magnets for our magnet table!)


  1. You must be kidding me! I did the exact same thing today! Great minds think alike : ) Isn't it beautiful how it encourages a new dimension in their play?

  2. That oil drip pan is a brilliant idea Scott ... I really must see if we can find one of them too!
    Donna :) :)