Thursday, July 18, 2013


LISTEN - Brick by Brick
This week's #kinderblog13 prompt is to brag. to tell you the truth, it was easier to think about confessing than bragging. But, as I thought about it, I do lots of things well. Yes, even in first grade.

As I look back through my interactions with kids, I think I'm good at listening to my kids. (It so happens that this is my one word for 2013 - I've been trying to be more intentional in listening.) I interpret this in a couple of ways.

First, I like to have conversations with my kids. I listen to the things they tell me. I try to remember what they say - their favorite colors or pets' names. Kids need adults who will listen and pay attention to them, what they say. I've discovered that when I listen, the kids seem to trust more. They listen to what I say because I listen to what they say. No, things aren't all rosy. But if I listen...truly hear them...they sense that I care for them and will tell me all kinds of things. That makes me know how to connect to them and teach them.

Kung Fu Fighting - Brick by Brick
Second, I listen to the kids' behavior. The group I had last year loved to talk and loved to move. They didn't tell me that. They showed me. So we played moving math games. They told partners or groups their ideas and answers before they told me. We would take moving breaks or dance breaks. I tried to incorporate the group's nature into what we did. Much better than fighting against it.

I'm more effective as a teacher when I listen to them - what they say and what they do.

(I still feel a little uncomfortable bragging.)

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  1. It's great that you are able to listen to their behaviors as well. This is so important since what children don't say, what they do, often tells us so much more than what they do say. This ability to both listen to what they say and what they do and respond accordingly is a great skill and definitely brag worthy :)