Saturday, October 27, 2012

Move! Freeze! Add!

Brick by Brick
I have a class that likes to move...and to talk. I've been trying to find some ways to channel these tendencies - rather than just squelch them.

And, along the way, I've discovered that my kids like to sing and like music. I decided to try and work that into what we've doing, too.

So we've been playing a moving math game.

I put on some upbeat music. Kids move around (in place or around the room). I stop the music (and usually shout Freeze!). Then I announce an addition problem: "Tell someone near you - what is 4 plus 6?" After a couple of seconds, I ask kids to tell me the total. Then we start the music again.

I know....this isn't a revolutionary idea. But it's working pretty well for me. Often I need to set up some reminders and parameters - no screaming - no moving with hands on a friend's shoulders - you must be able to hear the music as you move.

But kids are working problems in their heads - or on their fingers - and working together to get the solutions. I've been upping the numbers to get to 20. And I think next week we'll throw subtraction into the mix.

We play for a few minutes. Or a little longer. Or sometimes shorter if we get too rowdy too fast.

Not revolutionary. But definitely picking up on my kids.

Today I was searching the genres on Pandora - and I found a Club/Dance mix station. I think we may incorporate that in our next moving math session.

Sometimes I wonder what the other classes think of me. But the door is closed and the walls are thick. I don't think we're disturbing anyone else. And we ARE adding.

(P.S. After one moving math session, I brought out the spider counters. Things were really rowdy that day!!)

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  1. I really like movement with math. I think some children learn better that way.

    Thanks for the post.
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