Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bricky Awards 2012

Last year, I decided not to try and weed through all my favorite blogs to nominate for education blog awards. I chose to create my own "awards" so I could name whomever I chose. Thus, the first Bricky awards.

I looked back through that post. I realized that I still go and read all of those blogs still today. I would recommend them readily to anyone who wants ideas, thoughts, and inspiration for teaching. So, this year, I decided to spotlight some of my new "finds," some blogs that I regularly read now (in addition to the previous list).

Inspiration Award - My Hullabaloo
Matt is the teacher/blogger I want to be when I grow up. He inspires me with his use of technology in his kindergarten classroom and the other things he does with kids. I hope I can be a teacher like him, using technology as a tool but not as the end itself, as I grow in my first grade role.

Getting Techy Award - Digital Kindergarten
I love the thoughtful approach this blog takes to technology, looking for ways to use it meaningfully and appropriately with this age group.

Freebie Award - Freebielicious
This blog is a collaboration of several bloggers. You can get some free printables for centers or other activities. I follow several of the individual blogs, too, but this is a great aggregation of free stuff. (Always a great thing for teachers!)

It Adds Up Award - Math Coach's Corner
This blog has great ideas for math activities. It covers all grade levels, so sometimes the ideas don't apply. But I have adapted some of them to fit my first graders.

And go to last year's post to read about some great bloggers that I respect, admire, and still read.

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