Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Technology in the Classroom

Today starts the book study blog party. We are reading and discussing the book Teaching in the Digital Age by Brian Puerling. Hop over to the discussion of chapter 1 at Pre-K Pages. Vanessa does a great job covering the chapter - helping us think about technology and the classroom. She identified some great quotes. Here are my two favorites—

From the introduction: "Embrace the uncertainty and look forward to what you and your students can learn. Like children learning about cause and effect in a water table, you need to explore today's technology to learn the possibilities."

From chapter 1: "Technology is never to supplant; it is to supplement."

Ultimately the book begins to help us teachers begin to think of technology as another tool...another avenue of teaching - just like blocks or water table or play dough. Use it with purpose. Use it intentionally. Play around with the possibilities. Allow kids to embrace and use it at their own pace and in their own ways.

This chapter made me begin to think of how I've been using technology in my classroom. And how I can begin to lead the kids to use it more.

Puerling mentions that teachers should set goals for what they want to accomplish with technology (a specific measurable step for a specific technology). One goal that I have had (at least in a general way) is to provide a digital camera for kids to use and document what they choose. I need to purchase a classroom camera (because I want to keep my OWN camera!). And begin to think of ways to help kids use it. That's my first goal. (And it dovetails nicely with chapter 2 - using digital cameras. But that's next week.)

Are you reading along? Want to share your ideas or goals for technology? You can share them below or go to Vanessa's post and add your comments there.

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  1. Yes, this book does get your mental wheels turning about how you can implement tech in the classroom. I like the idea of having an extra digital camera for the children to use. Might be something a parent or someone in the community could donate.