Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Legos on the Table

Do you ever get in a rut? Do things just the same every time? I've blogged before about putting a little twist on familiar things. Recently I did something a little different - I put the Lego bricks on the table.

Usually I put the Lego bricks on the floor...with or in place of the wooden blocks. No particular reason - just because that's where the building usually happens.

I noticed that the kids' play changed a little. The boys would arrange the bricks (unconnected) and plan out what they were building. Then they would add others to connect them together.

The things they created were a little different. The constructions seemed more intricate. Maybe some of this is that the kids themselves are a little older and think about things differently. But maybe, because the constructions were at chest level as opposed to floor level made the kids see them differently. Hmm.

We built airplanes...bridges...even a really long car.

And I noticed that most of the Lego bricks stayed in the bin when not being used. The kids also picked up extraneous bricks and put them back in the bin to keep the table cleaner (I guess).

Sometimes a little different perspective can create different kinds of thinking. It's done the same for me as a teacher. Sometimes I need to look at things a little differently to see possibilities.

Sometimes I need to look at a child differently to see possibilities.

And sometimes I need to look at myself differently to see possibilities. (You may be hearing about more changes soon. I'm not sure yet.)

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